07 November 2008

When moving to Paris wasn't a big enough of a change...

Sometimes, leaving the environment we are most comfortable in, allows us to take risks and attempt find ourselves in ways we were never allowed to at home. The hair is just a symbolism of the"new and improved Meggie".

... and yes, I am a goober.

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Kezia, the Wise JalapeƱo said...

Hello favorite intern, it's your fellow expat Kezia. Just wanted to say I love your hair and bangs! I also dyed my hair dark and added the bangs. Rock on Megs, rock on.

As the whole world knows, we have a new prez. It's the first time I've felt a tingling in the air in this country. Won't know if it will last, but there is hope. Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp30_9jlVW0