13 November 2008

Join the Impact.

On November 15th, there will be a national outcry against Prop 8 at the city halls of each state. The goal of this protest is to gain equality for ALL American citizens. No one deserves to be treated as second class, especially if it is solely based on whom you love. If you find yourself sitting on your couch with nothing to do, please join this fight. Doesn't everyone deserve the right to love?

To find your November 15th location, please click here.

Imagine how beautiful the world could be if discrimination ceased to exist?

Videos from November 15th in Boston, MA:

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Charlsey said...

just a comment on the past entries as a whole ( i had to catch up I was behind a bit) you never cease to amaze me or inspire me. your passion is incredible. please come back soon.
miss you terribly