04 November 2008

French passions.

Paris is known as the "city of love", the Parisians live with this idea throughout their soul. There is something in the manner of how french lovers embrace, as if their eyes are breathing passion for one another. The passion these couples endow is that of a sappy romance story, except it is their reality. In their fervent ways,I have never seen a man intensely gaze at woman before, and secretly acknowledge that she is his world; or chase after her as if it was their final goodbye, when in reality, they had saw each other only moments before.

My sole reason for studying abroad in Paris, was not to live the same location as the Eiffel Tour and the Degas' Ballerina statue, but it was to understand another culture from my own. To embrace my life and learn how to change it for the better. I have always been a passionate person, however understanding the ways one shows passion may lead to much more meaningful life-experiences.

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