30 October 2008

The beloved crêpes.

You can not come to Paris without eating or attempting to make one of France's national dishes. My attempt at the beloved "crêpe" didn't come out too bad. I have proudly created my own recipie for these magical little meals or treats (whichever you prefer).

1 cup half whole wheat/half white flour
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
pinch of salt

1. The dry and wet ingredients separately.
2. Carefully add the wet to the dry, making sure no clumps form.
3. Heat your skillet, make sure non-stick surface!
4. Pour a thin layer of batter onto skillet.
5. Pour rest of batter that doesn't stick to skillet, back into pan.
6. Cook each side until golden brown.
7. Add yummy crêpe fillings
8. Fold crêpe over.
9. Let your senses take over!

** If you are adding fruit or veggies, best to heat them in a separate skillet before placing them into crêpe to ensure full satisfaction.

Crêpe Concotions we have attempted...
- Apple, Cheese, Cinnamon
- Banana, Cheese, Cinnamon
- Veggies
- Veggies and Cheese
- Cheese and poached egg
- Cheese
- Peanut butter and banana
- Nutella
- Jam
- Sugar and lemon
- Anything you can think of!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I've been compared to the vendors on the streets of Paris. Friends and family at home, get ready to be impressed by my skills.

27 October 2008

26 October 2008

My apartment.

Before leaving for Paris, I was offered the options to live in a dorm, a homestay or an apartment. All containing a massive list of pros and cons, I knew that whatever I would decide and ultimately be given could significantly affect my stay in Paris.

All in all, I was given a beautiful apartment with three great roommates. I can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from my bedroom window, I can have my friends over for dinner, but I also have time alone when I want it. I just have to remember not to laugh to loud and not to shower after 10 PM or my neighbors get really mad. Those crazy French love their silence.

The Avant-garde mailboxes you see when first walking into my apartment building.

Squint closely and you'll see the Eiffel Tower.


Ali, cooking, and myself as sous-chef.

The sleeping quarters.

The fetal position at its best.

Living room.

25 October 2008

Mom and Dad jumped the pond.

Before leaving for Paris, I was little apprehensive with having my parents visit during a time in my life purposely designed for self discovery and exploration.

"If I was home-sick, would it make it worse? Do I want to use this time to grow and learn in as many ways as I possibly can, and would having my parents come alter this?" These thoughts were going through my mind before they purchased their tickets for this past week. But, boy, am I happy they came.

Studying abroad has made me realize how lucky I am to have the life I have and the people I have in it at home. Skyping and e-mailing is not always sufficient in fulfilling one's need for a hug from their mom and dad.

They finally got to meet some of the amazing people I call my friends and sip on a million cafe au laits. I had the opportunity to show them how much my French has improved and they were able to see the side of Paris that a tour book doesn't direct you to.

Thanks for jumping the pond Momma and Papa.

Me, very happy that they were here.

23 October 2008

Good News.

I thought that I would share some exciting news...



19 October 2008

Loire Valley.

This weekend I went to the north of France to a region called Loire Valley- chateaus and wine vineyards galore. I never thought that there could be so many castles in one place! France proudly did me wrong. We saw the grand Châteaux d'Amboise, Château de Chambord, Château de Villandry and Chenonceau.

Where Leonardo Da Vinci is buried.

Make-up does wonders.

Where one dreams of becoming a prince or princess.

Chateau Amboise

Château de Villandry

I come with a plethora of talents.

City Biking.

Friday, I attempted the ever life-threatening task of city biking. Who knew how heart-stopping frightening that is! I have watched my fair-share of city bikers, gracefully gliding from car to car- street to street. Well my friends, if you can compare them to ice skaters, just call me Nancy Kerrigan (post- Tonya Harding). I will spare details on the sake of my mothers heart, (I'M ALIVE MOM!) But I might stick to bike paths and stationary bikes, at least while I am in Paris.

When all is said in done, however, it was so much fun!