05 November 2008

Making history.

Last night, I took part in an historic event. The 2009 presidential elections was that of historic proportions. Pulling an all-niter, I excitedly watched the election on a projection screen streaming live-feed from cnn.com in an international dorm. Most of us were pulling for Obama while a few proudly supported McCain.
We eagerly watched the polls teater-totter, offered our own versions of Americana through games and food, discussed political and religious views, and bonded as a family through our differences and similarities.
America as we now know it will be different forever. The objection of race and gender in an executive political position shall never be viewed as a variable, and for the first time in over eight-years my fellow peers and I now attain an ever-glowing sense of pride to be an American.
Although our country has a long road to rebuild, one can only hope that the sense of our new president will inspire my generation to finally take a stand in our future. Apathy will only take us so far. The future is in all of our hands, we need to take a stand.

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