30 November 2008

Happy Holidays.


It snowed in Paris tonight.
Life was magical for those few moments.
I was home.

27 November 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Paris is certainly not the same. First of all, when ordering a turkey at the corner butcher, you must request for the bird to be dead. If not, they will hand you a live turkey. No thanks! Secondly, its near impossible to find the ingredients and treats that we take for granted back home. Thankfully off of Rue St. Paul, there is a wonderful petite epicery which imports our delightful American delicatessens.

On a more grateful note:
I am so thankful for the amazing people in my life, the year I have had, and the future that awaits me.
I miss you all so much. Eat lots of extra helping of desserts for me.
I am celebrating my day of thanks with Ali's family. Hopefully my dessert doesn't poison anyone. Good thing I'm bringing a bag of cookies as a surrogate.

Love love

I love and miss you all!

25 November 2008

Only in Paris.

Where else in the world would I take university courses in the same court yard Alexander McQueen designs his art?

23 November 2008

21 November 2008

When Rhody comes to play.

It is always a wonderful treat to have friends from home come visit.
It almost legitimatized Paris as my home.
My lovely ladies from URI came for a visit.
La belle Allison attempting to fit in.
I think she could potentially pass as a Frenchie.

The Eiffel Tower
I brought the girls the the Eiffel Tower for thier first introduction.
Slightly magical on many levels.

I think she cried a little.

L' Arc de Triomphe

Daily outdoor market

Allison getting a french haircut.
She had me explain to them what she wanted (in French).

I guess I did pretty well.

Taught Me.

The other night, Kiersten's friends from home stopped by for a quick second in Paris (I understand how ironic that sounds). They were on a European tour with their band, Taught Me, and we were lucky enough to hear them play in a cozy little bar in the 20th Arrodissement of Paris.
I, for one, was super excited. Her friends couldn't have come at a better time. I was beginning to become super homesick for nights like these.
The music was grand. The band, Taught Me, had a beautiful sound. True musicians in my book.
The bar was called La Mer à Boire- Café Animé -- great atmosphere and not too expensive for Paris standards.

Note to Self: Always carry camera around.

Because you never know what or who you might bump into.

13 November 2008

Join the Impact.

On November 15th, there will be a national outcry against Prop 8 at the city halls of each state. The goal of this protest is to gain equality for ALL American citizens. No one deserves to be treated as second class, especially if it is solely based on whom you love. If you find yourself sitting on your couch with nothing to do, please join this fight. Doesn't everyone deserve the right to love?

To find your November 15th location, please click here.

Imagine how beautiful the world could be if discrimination ceased to exist?

Videos from November 15th in Boston, MA:

Pigeon Mail.

One of my favorite things to do is find unique postcards and mail them home. Like everything else in Paris, many of their postcards are works of art as well.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain via air.

View from our hostel.

La Sagrada Familia

Las Ramblas

Globalization at its best.

One of my many yachts.

The cheapest = tastiest cappuccino I've found in Europe.

Park Güell

Balearic Sea

This was the only thing I wanted to see.

Skateboarding in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art.