05 October 2008

What I've learned about myself and of Paris thus far...

1. At times, Paris seems like a completely different planet from the east coast.
2. Other moments, I have never felt more home.
3. Loud noises after 10 pm is extremely prohibited- I've been yelled at by neighbors for the intensity of my laughter
4. I can make better crêpes than the man down the street.
5. When grocery shopping, don't forget to weigh your produce before checking-out.
6. Always bring a reusable shopping bag when food shopping.
7. Its an extremely small world.
8. I have a lot more pride for being an American than I realized.
9. I want to see so much more of the world.
10. Nothing is opened on Sundays.
11. Paris has some of the most beautiful flower shops in the world.
12. I have never discussed more religion and politics throughout my entire life and with the most eclectic of minds.
13. I miss my dogs.
14. I hate birds.
15. If you need something done, expect to wait.
16. Racism is thrown in your face.
17. People aren't afraid to be themselves- I adore that.
18. Wine is cheaper than juice.
19. I don't know how I have survived thus far without some of these people in my life.
20. French children are chicer than I will ever be.
21. Every time I walk down a street I find something new.
22. Learning a second language is ridiculously hard.
23. I love pretending "to look French"; however, my smile usually gives it away.
24. Parisian open-markets are magnificent.
25. Never go shopping at Les Halles on the weekend. It reminds me of the mall's holiday season at home multiplied by 20.
26. I enjoy skipping the stairs in the metro-- great butt work out.
27. Men literally "meow" at women when walking-by, instead of whistling. They take "cat calling" to new dimensions. I personally do not appreciate it. I might start "barking" back.
28. Skype is such an amazing invention.
29. The espresso here is like no other.
30. But I really miss the ice coffee from my local coffee shop at home.
31. When visiting Paris, you must purchase a sandwich from one of the thousands of boulangeries. No matter where you go, I promise it will be the best sandwich of your life.
32. I still have so much more to learn and to explore...

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Charlsey said...

we need to skype!