10 October 2008

Six week slump.

Studying abroad.
I never expected to experience such a roller coaster of emotions. I had heard of "home-sickness" and "reverse-homesickness", but I never thought I could experience such a smorgasbord of the two.
A month an a half ago, I was glowing. I had never been that happy in my entire life. My dream of finally stepping off the plane at the Charles de Gaulle airport had finally came true! I wasn't afraid to speak French, I was ready for anything.

However, its official, I've hit the "six week slump". If I could go home tomorrow, I would. How horrible is this!? I don't want to leave the amazing people that I've met. I selfishly want them to come home with me. I could just use a quick Rhody-recharge, and then send me back on my way.

Just like everything, the novelty wore off.

-- I'm sorry for Negative Nancy. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Anonymous said...

You do know that all your friends will always be welcome in our home. Mom and I miss you too and can't wait to see you in just over a week. Love you - Dad