15 October 2008


Studying abroad has changed my perception of the world in so many ways. Before leaving, I was an ignorant teenager who hated pretty much everything about America. When in reality, I truly know nothing about the country I am privileged to be born in. During my time in Paris, I have met so many amazing people from all over the world, all carrying a special quirk and pride along with them.

I am beginning to realize that each state in the US isn't just a state, but a little nation, each proudly containing their own special identities.

I'm beginning to open my eyes a little wider; I believe.


Betty said...

Five things I know about Meggie:
1. She's the cutest french girl I know
2. If I could be someone else for just five minutes I'd want to be Meggie
3. There's no one else that can write more descriptively about their life and travels and make me laugh out loud
4. She's streetwise, appropriately cynical and sentimental all rolled into one beautiful girl
5. She hates cats and now birds! How terrifying to be at the Dedon's these days!!

Meggie- continue loving and learning! Love, Betty

Anonymous said...

you're a goober
but at least an enlightened one!