25 October 2008

Mom and Dad jumped the pond.

Before leaving for Paris, I was little apprehensive with having my parents visit during a time in my life purposely designed for self discovery and exploration.

"If I was home-sick, would it make it worse? Do I want to use this time to grow and learn in as many ways as I possibly can, and would having my parents come alter this?" These thoughts were going through my mind before they purchased their tickets for this past week. But, boy, am I happy they came.

Studying abroad has made me realize how lucky I am to have the life I have and the people I have in it at home. Skyping and e-mailing is not always sufficient in fulfilling one's need for a hug from their mom and dad.

They finally got to meet some of the amazing people I call my friends and sip on a million cafe au laits. I had the opportunity to show them how much my French has improved and they were able to see the side of Paris that a tour book doesn't direct you to.

Thanks for jumping the pond Momma and Papa.

Me, very happy that they were here.

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