26 October 2008

My apartment.

Before leaving for Paris, I was offered the options to live in a dorm, a homestay or an apartment. All containing a massive list of pros and cons, I knew that whatever I would decide and ultimately be given could significantly affect my stay in Paris.

All in all, I was given a beautiful apartment with three great roommates. I can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from my bedroom window, I can have my friends over for dinner, but I also have time alone when I want it. I just have to remember not to laugh to loud and not to shower after 10 PM or my neighbors get really mad. Those crazy French love their silence.

The Avant-garde mailboxes you see when first walking into my apartment building.

Squint closely and you'll see the Eiffel Tower.


Ali, cooking, and myself as sous-chef.

The sleeping quarters.

The fetal position at its best.

Living room.

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Anonymous said...

Hi american student, good walk through the way of your mental and heart growth, it's not easy to walk through this, to explore the outside is at the same time to explore and change what we are inside ourselves. It means to learn a certain type of equilibrium that is learned with all ourselves, both with the soul and with the mind. It's a complicated and difficult thing, however it realizes itself with the simplicity of a smile, I know that you are able to have that smile, this is what I perceive reading you. You have enough sensibility to bud.

Ciao ;)