06 September 2008

Wind-up Doll

Whelp, le jour deux of my Sorbonne classes. The word "intense" would definitely be an understatement. Luckly I was placed into the level I was hoping for, Beginner Intermediate. Even more luck came my way on my weary Thursday morning when I discovered that the lovely Laura will become my unofficial French survival partner for these coming months! I was uber excited. Sorbonne is located all over Paris. With the little sense of direction we both attain, we rode the line four metro to Raspail, found our beautifully ornate building, and climbed five very steep,treacherous, levels of steps to reach Salle 18. All twenty of us -- mostly American female and relatively close to my age -- staring at the door in fright to see what our fate will lead. The clock turns 17:00 and we meekly pile into the classroom. Nos professor is an extremely energetic Asian women who speaks as those she is a wind-up doll -- in French, with an Asian accent.

The first day of classes went by in a breeze. I was hopped up on espresso -- we were not told class began that day until moments before, so I was slightly upset with myself for not being mentally prepared-- and she threw another exam, a dictation, and an essay at us. All I can say is that I crawled-out of that class shaking.
The second day wasn't nearly as bad, but an certainly experience. We learned that our additional phonetics class will commence on Monday at 15:30 and conclude on the 3rd of October (Dad's birthday!).

The classes are intense. I just need to remind myself I will leave Paris feeling so much more confident that I have ever imagined.

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