14 September 2008

What I learned from Amsterdam...

1. That I have the most amazing friends in the entire world.
2. People in Amsterdam don't believe in monogamy.
3. That Americans are extremely naive when it comes to sex.
4. Old people can party harder than I can.
5. Dutch is grammatically reversed from English and French. "Good is you?" vs "How are you?"
6. I call Paris "home".
7. You can smoke weed inside bars, and cigarettes outside of the bars.
8. I like my goat cheese warmed.
9. Cafes have coffee, Coffee Shops have blunts.
10. A bottle of wine is good at any meal, especially breakfast.
11. The Dutch are extremely nice.
12. The night bus sucks.
13. I have a stronger desire to become fluent in another language, only knowing English doesn't always cut it.
14. Hostels are scary.
15. Don't expect to shower.
16. Hookers only give handys- lesson taught by the sex museum.
17. Ali favorite smell is Fall.
18. Bicycles are the means to travel.
19. Comfortable shoes are a must.
20. Just about anyone will help you with directions... or drugs.
21. Amsterdam is a very international city.
22. Everyone speaks more than one language, mostly Dutch and English.
23. Its freezing in September.
24. Beware of unicycles- they take two lives per year.
25. If you need lots of cheese, go to "Lots of Cheese".

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