22 September 2008

Reims, France

My wonderful French friend, Mickaël, invited Alanna and I to stay with his family in Reims, France this weekend. What a wonderful opportunity to embrace French culture! Reims is located in the champagne region of France. Extremely picturesque and full of history, we were welcomed to sip on the sweet sensations that the region has to offer.
Embraced into his family as if we were their own; Alanna and I were encouraged to join the (French speaking) conversation as much as possible. With my brain on over-translation mode, I mostly stuck to my "oui's" and "merci's", however, occasionally throwing-in an attempted-grammatically-correct French sentence. All I could be of is proud if I picked-up a word here and there.
One of the most culture-shocking experiences this weekend was my consumption of les cuisses de grenouilles (or frog's legs). It was an experience, a bit salty, looked exactly like the animal of what I was eating, but over-all not too bad!
Merci beaucoup

Notre Dame de Reims

My hero: Jeanne d'Arc

Champagne tasting with some modern art.

Mickaël's home.

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