19 September 2008

Run Forest, Run.

Conundrum. Do the French work out? Sure they have their sporadically placed "Club Meds" and dainty floraled parks. But even in those, I haven't seen all too many Parisians breaking a sweat. Many a times, I bet they are tourists. I'm a New Englander, I need to get in a good run outside, several times a week, or my mental and physical health will become very unstable. I thought the amount of walking that I was doing would be sufficient, and skipping stairs in the metro would pump enough endorphins. However, on accounts of my spastic mental health the past few days, my hypothesis equated negative results.

I finally bit the bullet. Weird looks and all. I decided to be the solo-runner in my arrondissement of Paris. If I hadn't, I would have never found the open-air market that I saw a few Sundays ago! It turns out that it is just a street down from my metro stop.

See, everything happens for a reason.

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Foux Da Fa Fa said...

I Agree. Everyone is skinny, yet I don;t see many people working out. I guess they just smoke a lot of cigs & have lots of sex. works for me.