12 September 2008

When birds attack...

Picture this... You are starving, you have just purchased a delicious fromage baguette for 4€ by a charming street vendor, you and your friends decide to enjoy your delectable meals in the sun and amongst the flowers in the Luxembourg Garden. You take a bite out of your sandwich, before you faint from hunger. You look away from you meal for one second and... oh that's right, a bird decides that it would like some too! So in a panic, you toss your freshly purchased, freshly harassed sandwich at the friend who poorly chooses the seat to your side.

The birds in Paris are aggressive-they scare the day-lights out of me. I have been mocked by several people for this absurd fear that I have, but if I have to fight over my food with an animal that could peck my eyes out- don't expect me to be handing out my goods for free.

1 comment:

David said...

Haha Meg, don't worry I sometimes get that paranoia too actually :) The pigeons in Prague are not that aggressive, so don't hesitate to visit us here!