28 August 2008


I knew while studying abroad I would change in some way. But how? That of course would be left to how much I allow myself to breath in ways I may not be quiet used to. Having only living in Paris for three days now and with the encompassement of amazing people, remarkable gastronomy and a culture I am so eager to learn about- I feel as though I am living on cloud nine. I am quickly beginning to feel more like myself that I have ever in my entire life. A few days down, so many wonderful more to go!


Charlsey said...

Awe Meggie! You're so wonderful! I love reading your blog! I think you should be a writer or artist/photographer. I miss your face and sooo glad you're enjoying Paris.

Ps- I actually did get a hug from your sister the other night, and you did a wonderful job teaching her the art of hugging! I cant wait to read more about your journey!

Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Charley..I was inspired by your writings, your pictures, and especially how your feelings come across in your writing. I wish I was young again and had the opportunity that you are experiencing right now. At the least, you make me want to visit!

Auntie Deb